Friday, February 12, 2010

Deep calls unto Deep

I have been spending time with the younger leaders of this generation.
I guess I am one myself. :)

I have found that these leaders really want more of God in their life. They also want their leaders to actually lead them. They know there is more inside of them, but they are scared to say that and need a mentor to say it. They will not remain in mediocrity.

Psalms says, "Deep calls unto deep..." Someone who is shallow cannot lead someone who is hungry to go deeper. Someone who is deep probably will frustrate the shallow Christian because of the demands to go deeper.

Here is what I am finding as I sit with these younger leaders:
1) They don't want to merely spend time with people, they want to have time invested into their lives.
2) They are begging for mentors who will take personal time with them and talk about more than just "the weather."
3) They really believe that they can change the world. They will not remain somewhere without seeing signs of moving toward changing their world.
4) They are looking for leaders who are truly "on fire," not just those who preach really loud and hard on Sundays, but they catch these leaders praying, fasting and seeking God.
5) They are not so much as interested as starting a church or ministry, they want to seek God and see what happens. So.... don't recruit for them to start something, recruit them to seek God with you.

My eyes have been opened. I wanted to write this down before I forgot the impact of these last couple of weeks. If you are a younger leader (like me), don't apologize for your hunger or desire to impact the world. If you are an older leader that wants to mentor the next generation....then don't be passive. They will run over you.

You attract who you are, not what you want.

Do you want leaders around you who are hungry? Get hungry? Who are on fire? Get on fire? Those that want to go deeper? Go Deeper.

Deep calls unto deep.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Impossible

Newsflash for all you who desire to do what God has called you to do: "It's Impossible!"

For many of you what you desire to do and are trying to do seems impossible. This is not a phase. This will continue the rest of your life. You may say, "What the Heck! Gee Thanks!" But the truth is that on every stage and level you will face impossiblity...if you are doing what God asked you to do.

If you have the budget and the people to do what God has called you to then you are not starting a movement, but probably managing mediocrity.

God will never allow you to live a life where faith is not required. Faith's brother is Risk of Failure.

I recently came to a point where I was saying, "God this is impossible. I can't see it. There is no way this can happen. You give everyone else a handicap (like golf), but you don't give me these things." I felt the Spirit of God say, "THAT IS IT! It is impossible. It can't be done. There is no way."

If you sat down and interviewed the giants of our faith from the past before their movement and after their movement, it would be two totally different people. Everyone of them started with only faith, a vision and a heart that had encountered the Living God.

Friends, I sit in the same place you do. My eyes see lack, smallness and limitations. But my spirit sees abundance, lives transformed and leaders developed. I will either succomb to what my eyes see or what God says.