Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Affects Everyone's Grass

I have something to admit. I love my neighbor's grass (not his wife). I would like to just lay in it. I will refrain from doing that because that sort of practice may be frowned upon. 
I became very discouraged early on in the summer. 
My grass was turning brown and dying. It seemed like all the neighbor's yards looked great, except mine. As I was mowing my yard one day I looked closely to my neighbor's grass I noticed that their grass was being affected by the summer heat too! It was refreshing. 

We usually fall into the trap of thinking that our grass is the only one being affected by heat. The truth is that we all are affected by the heat. This could be your marriage, ministry, job or overall life. You are not alone in your struggle. You are not alone in your situation. 

I realized several key factors that changed my perspective in this. 

1. Summer affects everyone's grass
A game changer for me was realizing that the perfect yard beside me had flaws too. The perfect marriage, ministry or job has flaws. Summer had affected their yard too. 
Everyone is going through something. Don't withdraw or isolate but rather connect with people. You'll be surprised that summer is tough on everyone. 

2. Water your own Yard
I also noticed that my neighbor waters their yard. I wasn't doing that. They minimized the effects of the summer heat by watering their grass. You may go through a "summer" season but you can also minimize the damage it causes. In your situation, apply some principles that others are applying that make their grass green. Stop complaining and stop making excuses. I went out and bought two sprinklers. I water my grass usually while I'm spending time with God. It's a great reminder to water my own grass. Water your marriage, water your ministry, water your marriage and water relationships. 

3. Don't Covet Your Neighbor's Grass
Finally I had to stop lusting after their grass. They worked hard for their grass. I needed to put time in my yard as well as be thankful. Coveting your neighbor's wife was a no-no on the 10 Commandment level. Why? Many reasons but one is very relevant here. Coveting causes ungratefulness with what you currently have. If you are ungrateful then you will not value what you have. You will stop investing into what God has given you. If you believe there is something better than God's gifts to you that is simpy spelled, "S-I-N." 

Everytime you look at a yard I pray these truths stick with you! 

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