Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Babies Don't Start Movements

Big babies don't start movements.....

I recently had a situation occur in my life where a mentor/spiritual father had to correct me and give me perspective. He literally told me, "No, you are wrong and have the wrong attitude. If you go act on this, you will cripple your ministry." Now of course, he did not say it that way. He was much more diplomatic. At the end of the conversation I realized that I had a faulty perspective.

As I view leaders who attempt to start movements I have seen that many fail because of not allowing someone to say, "You are wrong. That is stupid. You cannot do that, or treat people like that." We need someone to look at us and tell us that we are wrong. In America pastors don't have spiritual fathers, they have conference superintendents who for the most part don't know them enough to speak into their lives. We have independent churches and pastors who have no voice.

One of my close friends recently had an idea. I encouraged him to go someone who he considered a spiritual father and let that person tell them what they think. I personally will not move forward with an idea, notion, or decision if all my mentors think it is not a good idea.

Too many leaders want someone who will tell them they are okay and are right in every situation. The greatest times of growth have been when I have submitted decisions and actions that I am "married" to unto my mentors.

You know you have a voice when you allow someone (on a regular basis) to:
1. Challenge you to reconsider your decisions.
2. Tell you to go and say you are sorry.
3. Evaluate your ministry and help you (with no excuses).
4. Correct you and you submit.
5. Challenge your relationships or if you are married, challenge you to treat your family better.
6. Speak to your character issues. "They can tell you that you have pride."
7. Ask you about your private life and you are honest.

Great communication skills, leadership skills or abilities are not the "determining" factor of success. I see so many leaders who are very full of themselves and are too prideful to receive.
When is the last time you allowed someone to challenge you personally to your core about your actions, attitudes or decisions?

Babies want their way. They fight and complain. Babies need discipline through love. Big babies do not start movements....