Friday, April 26, 2013

4 Tips on Marketing through Facebook

Facebook is a great tool to reach people who are seeking, engaging your current members and to promote events.

Here are 5 Tips we use when marketing through Facebook:

1. Have a Facebook Page.
Some churches are using a "person" profile instead of a page. For the sake of time I simply want to say that you cannot promote a person or advertise a person profile but you can advertise a page. Use a page, not a personal profile for your organization.

2. Advertise and Market Your Page.
You can use ads manager to advertise your page. Create an ad that promotes an event, your church, sermon series or big day.

3. Target Different Age Groups when Advertising.
Run several ads at one time. Market one for young adults, one for parents with teens and so on. Target them by interests and location as well.

4. Run Ads Thursday through Sunday.
Don't continuously run ads all week. People are looking for a church Thursday through Sunday.

5. Post 3 Times a Day at Least.
Keep your page current with updates. Post pictures, Scriptures, stories and events. You can now schedule your posts through the Facebook page. See what time you get the most reach and what type of posts get the most reach as well.