Monday, December 28, 2009

Charlie Chaplin Eats Sacred Cows

One pastor (Steven Furtick) said that all churches need to go "cow tipping."

Every church, ministry or organization has "sacred cows." These can be defined as ways we enjoy to do ministry or is the norm to perform a task that is ineffective and slows the organization down.

For us who want to start a movement, we must evaluate and see what we are emotionally tied to that needs to die because there is no real fruit.

Every week our staff evaluates our services. We grade the media, guest services, worship, children and preaching. We each give one win and one "bomb." This keeps us fresh.

I read a great article on the actor of the 20's named Charlie Chaplin. Charlie worked hard to be great at what he did. He would evaluate his movies by seeing what people laughed at the most and what may have triggered this. He also looked at skits that he thought would have went over well and didn't. He tore them apart and sought to get better. How many other actors of the silent movies can you name? Yeah, me too, not any.

Sit down and crucify sacred cows that are keeping you in mediocrity. Devour your sacred cows by tearing apart all you do. Make your leadership environment conducive to criticism, constructive criticism.

Preachers.... who, other than your wife, gives you honest feedback in your ministry?

Charlie Chaplin ate His Sacred Cows.....will you?

Personal Blog...

Hey guys, I launched another blog that deals with my personal walk, ministry and well...anything else.

I hope you enjoy it. It is real and down to earth.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wearing Blinders

Horses that are used in parades or other events have blinders put on them. These blinders hinder the horse's periphial vision. They are not able to see those around them. When the horses do not have blinders they are usually frightened and get off course because of the distractions of what others are doing.

Leaders who start movements have to wear blinders.
The Apostle Paul of the New Testament even said, "It is not wise to compare ourselves with ouselves or to compare ourselves with others."

It is easy to get distracted by those around you. It is great to have an awareness of the things happening around you, but you cannot focus on that. Leading an organization or ministry is filled with periphial distractions. They are other horses around you that are going faster. There are prettier horses and there are slower horses.

If we don't wear blinders and stay focused on the path and mission, we will start to try to be like the other "horses" around us.

When are you most discouraged?
Do you always think others are doing better than you?
How do the "horses" around you affect you?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sent to Change Culture

I have had some "revelation" this week. God never sends those people who are called to change culture to a culture where no change is needed. When we look at our city, our jobs, our homes, and yes....our churches and say, "Man, these guys just don't get what I am trying to convey. They think totally opposite." That is the point you realize that you have been sent for a purpose and such a time is this.

I respect and love all denominations. I have studied the teachings of their fathers in the faith. I glean so much from them. I personally am from a Pentecostal/Charismatic denomination. I love to enjoy and connect to God through worship. I enjoy seeing healings taking place. It is great to see people seeking God with their whole hearts during a worship service. I am glad to be where I am at. It is not better, just where I am called.

Pentecostals/Charismatics are notorious for a "childish" faith instead of a child-like faith. They are also notorious for lack of planning and structure. They are also known as too "heavenly to be any earthly good." If a Pentecostal talks about "God moving" they think of tongues, people jumping pews, and someone going to an altar. They don't believe that God can move when someone is silent and reflective.

  • It has been a battle for me try to teach Pentecostals to be mindful of unbelievers in our services.
  • It has been a battle for me to try to teach Pentecostals to develop a strategic plan.
  • It has been a battle for me to try to teach Pentescostals to set up parking lot attendants, greeters and ushers. To help them develop a system to help someone move from the door to the core of your ministry.
  • It has been a battle to teach them that Biblical favor is not some "mist" that comes down on them at revival, but favor is directly to your obedience to God AND your ability to relate and serve someone.

In the midst of this frustration..... I have realized that I have been sent. If there is no resistance or change needed, there is also no reason to be sent.

What is frustrating you?
What you see the most backlash against?
What drives you?

Don't let these things discourage you. Rather look at this as your assignment. You have been sent to change the culture....