Friday, August 13, 2010

Accelators to Starting a Movement

My wife and I love to go camping. It seems that each time we have a problem getting the fire started. So.... we have created a remedy- lighter fluid. We can get big pieces of wood that seem impossible to get started and get them going quickly!

The only problem is that the lighter fluid accelerates the fire and the wood burns up in half the time it was supposed to burn.

Watch out for "accelerators" in starting movements. The very fact that you are reading this blog means that you have a passion for or are starting a movement right now. This means you are a visionary. You live in the future but tolerate the present.

Because you are only tolerating the present state you are suspect to push to hard toward the vision and abandon the process of the present.

The present needs the process so it can become the future in a healthy manner. You will have people and ideas that come your way that are "accelerators." They are going to get your engine revving!!! You will be moving forward with momentum, the whole time not realizing that they are lighter fluid. Either the person or idea can be this.

Accelerators are people or new ideas that:

1) Make you seem like you have just stepped light years ahead of where you were at just yesterday.

2) They give you a sense false momentum and hope.

3) They can get things started real quickly, but may not have the abiliy to follow through on commitments.

4) They cause you to burn up precious wood that could have been much more valuable.

Are you watching for accelerators?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ancient Methods to Starting a Movement

We have been studying Nehemiah at The Well for the past month or so. I know it is a book that every church has done a study on.

I found some very interesting points on starting movements from this awesome book. I believe we can all learn from Nehemiah and what he faced.

Chapter 1: Sensitivity to Your Context
Nehemiah was sensitive to his context. After he heard about the desolation of Jerusalem, he wept, fasted and prayed for 3-4 months.
As leaders, we have no right to talk about reaching a city until we are able to cry over a city. Nehemiah had the heart of Christ. He was visibly moved over the broken down walls of Jerusalem. Are you sensitive to your context? Does your city's "broken down walls" move you to fasting, weeping and praying?

Chapter 2: The Power of Prayer + Planning + Preparation
Nehemiah approaches King Artaxerxes with a sad face. The Bible states that he had never been sad before in the king's presence. He asked the king to change all foreign policies toward Jerusalem (the very nation that the Persians hated) and the king granted it. Nehemiah then surveyed the land, built a team and spent large amounts of time in prayer.
Most leaders put very little time into prayer, planning and personal preparation. Favor does not come to those who are not ready for it.
Every minute spent in planning, prayer and preparation will save you 5 minutes in execution.
How are you preparing, planning and praying? Are those your personal priorities?

Chapter 3: Building Together
Nehemiah was one of many who was building the wall. We must be the ones who dictate and keep synergy flowing in our ministries. There were many tribes, but one nation. They shared the work together.
Does your ministry share the work or do you find yourself doing it all? Help people find the small part they CAN do.

Chapter 4: Opposition to the Work
Nehemiah faced opposition from all sides. He faced it from those in Judah with him, those Jews on the fringes and from the Samaritans around him.
Let's face it. Opposition has one purpose- to stop the work. People will oppose you while you are trying to do a great work for God. There will be some that are in your camp opposing you. There will be some who are a part of other churches who oppose you and remember that you are in spiritual warfare the whole time.

They rebuilt the wall in record time- 52 days. Go over these 4 principles and see how you measure up to the "Nehemiah" test.

We are building ministries so people can worship the God of the Bible. This is a serious work. Let us learn from an ancient hero, Nehemiah on how to rebuild the walls and see the God of the Bible worshipped in our cities.