Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Tebow" Pastors

Everyone was taken back by Tebow-mania last year. The 2011 season was highlighted by Tim Tebow's performance with the Denver Broncos. He led them all the way from a 1-4 start to a divisional playoff game. That's impressive. Or so it would seem. He had a great season.
Look at the 2012 season. Tebow was traded to the NY Jets and then benched. No starts. No glory. No postseason heroics. He simply had one really good season.

The reasonTim Tebow only lasted one season and no one wants to take him as a QB is because he is one-dimensional. He can really run the football. He is a powerful back, but he cannot throw the football. The Jets really wanted Tebow. They traded draft picks for him. Then they found out he is one dimensional. He is a glorified running back but will never make it because he simply cannot throw the football.
(I am not hating on Tebow. I like the dude. I love his faith.)

Many pastors have only one good season in their career because they are one-dimensional. They are "Tebow Pastors."
It is a struggle for me and if you are a pastor it's a struggle for you. No one is exempt.
What is the struggle? It is being one-dimensional in our approach to how we do ministry. It is being one-dimensional in our denomination ties. It can even be in our skill sets.

Here are some ideas to train your inner Tim Tebow to be able to pass and run.

1. Multi-Dimension: I thank God for my tribe. They are good folks with good intentions for the Kingdom. The problem comes when you grow up in a denomination, go to their school and pastor their churches. You only know one way to do ministry. If you are Pentecostal then you only know aggressive, demonstrative ministry. If you are Baptist, then you are trained from a contemporary, but dry, seeker-sensitive approach. If you are Methodist, then probably heavy liturgy and programmatic worship services.
Here's the point: Learn, appreciate and incorporate the values of other denominations. If you are Charlie Charismatic or Perry Pentecostal, then work toward learning how to reach unbelievers and value the unchurched thoughts or perceptions of church. Learn how to systematically teach the Bible.
If you are mainline, then learn the value of prayer, faith and believing God. Learn the importance of the Holy Spirit.

How are you one-dimensional?

I heard a guy say this one time, "If you always look for a potential spouse at your family reunion then your family may come out a little slow."
Learn to cross-pollenate so you can stop being a "Tim Tebow."
I believe that God is calling pastoral leaders to become more like the Levite tribes. They were able to go in and out of each tribe. May we be that way with our tribes.