Friday, August 13, 2010

Accelators to Starting a Movement

My wife and I love to go camping. It seems that each time we have a problem getting the fire started. So.... we have created a remedy- lighter fluid. We can get big pieces of wood that seem impossible to get started and get them going quickly!

The only problem is that the lighter fluid accelerates the fire and the wood burns up in half the time it was supposed to burn.

Watch out for "accelerators" in starting movements. The very fact that you are reading this blog means that you have a passion for or are starting a movement right now. This means you are a visionary. You live in the future but tolerate the present.

Because you are only tolerating the present state you are suspect to push to hard toward the vision and abandon the process of the present.

The present needs the process so it can become the future in a healthy manner. You will have people and ideas that come your way that are "accelerators." They are going to get your engine revving!!! You will be moving forward with momentum, the whole time not realizing that they are lighter fluid. Either the person or idea can be this.

Accelerators are people or new ideas that:

1) Make you seem like you have just stepped light years ahead of where you were at just yesterday.

2) They give you a sense false momentum and hope.

3) They can get things started real quickly, but may not have the abiliy to follow through on commitments.

4) They cause you to burn up precious wood that could have been much more valuable.

Are you watching for accelerators?

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