Thursday, May 12, 2011


As a leader who desires to start a movement in your church or organization there is a hidden enemy called, "Burnout."
I remember in 2007 sitting with Coach John (Chasteen), Dean of Southwestern Christian University, at an Applebees in South Carolina and he explained burnout to a friend and I on a napkin. He drew the picture of a linear graph and showed the signs and procession of burnout. He also shared his dramatic experience with this.
I work a full time, 45-55 hour a week full time job. I commute 2 hours a day to work. Then there is this thing I do on the side called, "The Well." We are a very active church in the community and we put all we have into our Sunday night worship experience. Recently I confessed to my wife that stress was getting the best of me. I know all this stuff, but as a man- you just push on. The stress of planting a new, growing church, counseling, leading the leaders of the ministry and the full time jon was overwhelming. Here are a few thought on stress....
1. Know the Signs: Anger/Frustration. Lack of joy in hobbies that once seemed fun. Marriage or close relationships suffer. Depression. Lack of motivation. Physically tired all the time. Withdrawal. Constant ideas on how to escape or quit.
2. Know the Reasons (personally): Stress comes because of being overwhelmed. This can come because of personal high expectations or meeting other's approval. This may come from conflict. Know what burns you out.
3. Act Immediately: The moment you think you are burning out- act. Take some time. Explain to your wife, leaders or denomination that you need a few days off. Begin to seek God fresh once again.
4. Set up Boundaries: Weekly have a time of personal refreshing. You need to do this spiritually and recreationally. Guard your time carefully.
Do you find ministry frustrating?
Have you lost joy and peace, internally?
Are you fatigued and lack motivation?
Are your sleep patterns changing?
Do you dream of doing something else (fantasizing)?
Have you lost gratefulness?
Talk to someone today. Be open, vulnerable and honest. Take some time away. Rest and recharge. Most importantly, let God speak to you about your situation. You were never mean to carry that stress.


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  2. Philip and I were discussing something like this just last night. It's important to make an assesment of current obligations and activities then priortize them according to your life vision and those people most important in your life. Some things may have to go even though they are good. Be kind to yourself in the process and don't worry what others think about your decisions. They aren't wearing your shoes. Thank you for your honesty and transparency. You're awesome Pastor Kevin :)