Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

In South FL we are in the height of "hurricane season." We know that this season brings a possibility for hurricanes. Because of this season we have seminars and workshops in the area for hurricane preparedness. They give you a list of what you need and all the tips of what you need to know. Pretty cool.

Even with all these seminars, workshops and information, some people still get caught by surprise. Some of the reasons is because they did not know and are new to the area. Others underestimate the power of a hurricane. Some are just lazy and don't take time.

How does this apply to you? Maybe you live in the midwest and you are like "hurri-what?" Maybe you don't have to worry about hurricanes. But we do here in FL. No matter where you live, this can be used a spiritual principle of life: There are seasons when strong storms are likely to hit you and you have to have your "preparedness kit." Storms, strong storms, will pummel the coast of your life and ministry. There will be seasons when you wonder if you will be able to survive the beating of that storm. Afterwards there is plenty of debris left from the storm and damage to fix.

Here are some thoughts on storms and hurricanes:

1) You have to be prepared. Emotionally prepare yourself before the Lord. Ask God to fill you with His power to withstand the storms that will come. Don't be blindsided. Some theology tells you that if you are doing God's will- everything will be perfect. That is not the case for any of our examples from the Bible. Be prepared that if you are doing God's will- storms will it.

2) You have to "wait it out." When hurricanes hit, you have to wait for them to pass. Even if you evacuate, you still have to wait the allotted time. You cannot rush a hurricane. There is the initial impact, the stillness of the eye and then finally the last bands. When spiritual storms hit, you have to just make it through them. Just buckle down until they pass.

3) Finally, you have to fix the damage and clean up the debris. There will be debris of all sorts. When you first see your yard after the storm, you will be overwhelmed. You may even have damage to your home. It's okay. It happens. Start the process of picking up debris and fixing the damages.

No one will escape storms and spiritually speaking- EVERYONE will get hit at some point and time. Don't buy into the lie that you are all alone. Don't think that this season will last forever, because it won't.

Be prepared.

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