Thursday, December 29, 2011


Perry Noble recently quoted his counselor by saying, "Those who don't work are considered lazy by the Bible, but those who don't rest are considered disobedient."

I remember talking to a guy who was the epitome of this statement. He proudly told me that their staff were so busy that they never took a day off. I replied, "Wow bro, you would not have been allowed to work on Jesus' staff because even He rested."

We all want to change our world. Hopefully inside of you is a big dream. If that is the case, you will have to learn to rest and have down time.
*Note: Some people are lazy, never meet deadlines and do not work. My only advice is- step up your game. This blog is not for you.

Here are some questions to help you see where you are at.
1. How often do you have time for fun and recreation? What do you do for fun? (writing sermons or reading theology books DON'T count)

2. Do you feel guilty for taking time off? Why?

3. What do your wife or friends say about your balance? Have you asked them to honestly tell you if they think you work too much?

Burnout is real for everyone. Learn to rest properly. Ask your spouse to help you have time to recharge. Help your spouse as well. Fight guilt. It is mostly internal, self-imposed guilt. The people you serve want you rested, in a good mood and refreshed. If they don't, change positions, jobs or churches immediately.

Let's go for the long haul!

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