Saturday, September 28, 2013

4 Things LEADERS Should Never Do on Social Media

Social media is a terrific tool that we have access to in our generation. We can rapidly share ideas, thoughts, principles and ultimately the Gospel. I wrote a blog several months back on how use it for marketing. Today's blog is less about marketing and more about how a leader should use or not use social media. The way we use it can reveal how emotionally mature we really are. 

These 4 points are just some general guidelines to what leaders should not do on social media. 

1. Degrade other Ministries or Denominations:
•I have heard it said that the easiest way to try to look good is making others look bad. 
•We should never degrade other ministries or even denominations because we are polluting others with half-truths without the person (s) being able to defend themselves. 
•Emotional maturity is best shown when we are able to co-exist and even celebrate with others who are different. 

2. Snipe People who Hurt Them 
•Leaders should never go after people who have hurt them, especially in a passive-aggressive manner. I realize this is tough. It's very easy to vent on social media platforms. The main reason we should not do this is because it reinforces unhealthy ways to deal with conflict. We should always deal with conflict in person or possibly a call but never by writing snipe comments or aggressively going after someone who hurt you. 
•This also goes for arguing or trying to get a point across on social media. You should minimize or not respond then make time to sit with that person. Don't try to prove a point in social media interaction. 

3. Use for Personal Pity 
•Another expression of emotional immaturity is trying solicit pity. Only you can judge to see if your post is trying to get pity or you are just sharing your heart. I can't discern that for you. 
•There are some folks who, when they need attention, go for the pity "posts." Eventually people will get tired of you needing pity. 

4. Not Use it at All 
•Because of all the possible problems that come from social media there are people who just don't use it at all. Yes, you will find out things about people's lives that you did not want to know. You will have posts that anger you. But, you shouldn't retract from it as a leader. This is actually an immature response in some cases. If God leads you to get away or off, that's a different story, but don't let the drama, disappointments and just plain annoying folks keep you off. 

As a leader you have the ability to interact, have fun, share ideas and learn to be very patient with people. Instead of retracting, learn to engage and love people in it. 
*Our Connections Pastor at Thrive, Keith Rowell, wrote this informational and sarcastic blog a few years ago. Here is the link to "Different Types of Tweeps:" 

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