Monday, December 28, 2009

Charlie Chaplin Eats Sacred Cows

One pastor (Steven Furtick) said that all churches need to go "cow tipping."

Every church, ministry or organization has "sacred cows." These can be defined as ways we enjoy to do ministry or is the norm to perform a task that is ineffective and slows the organization down.

For us who want to start a movement, we must evaluate and see what we are emotionally tied to that needs to die because there is no real fruit.

Every week our staff evaluates our services. We grade the media, guest services, worship, children and preaching. We each give one win and one "bomb." This keeps us fresh.

I read a great article on the actor of the 20's named Charlie Chaplin. Charlie worked hard to be great at what he did. He would evaluate his movies by seeing what people laughed at the most and what may have triggered this. He also looked at skits that he thought would have went over well and didn't. He tore them apart and sought to get better. How many other actors of the silent movies can you name? Yeah, me too, not any.

Sit down and crucify sacred cows that are keeping you in mediocrity. Devour your sacred cows by tearing apart all you do. Make your leadership environment conducive to criticism, constructive criticism.

Preachers.... who, other than your wife, gives you honest feedback in your ministry?

Charlie Chaplin ate His Sacred Cows.....will you?


  1. Hey Kevin

    Great post. I just stop by to show some Love Brother.

    Keep Doing What you're doing

  2. Thanks Edmund! It is great to hear from you. I am excited at what God is doing in your life and the life of your family. Great things are ahead. Much Kingdom Impact is ahead for you!