Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wearing Blinders

Horses that are used in parades or other events have blinders put on them. These blinders hinder the horse's periphial vision. They are not able to see those around them. When the horses do not have blinders they are usually frightened and get off course because of the distractions of what others are doing.

Leaders who start movements have to wear blinders.
The Apostle Paul of the New Testament even said, "It is not wise to compare ourselves with ouselves or to compare ourselves with others."

It is easy to get distracted by those around you. It is great to have an awareness of the things happening around you, but you cannot focus on that. Leading an organization or ministry is filled with periphial distractions. They are other horses around you that are going faster. There are prettier horses and there are slower horses.

If we don't wear blinders and stay focused on the path and mission, we will start to try to be like the other "horses" around us.

When are you most discouraged?
Do you always think others are doing better than you?
How do the "horses" around you affect you?

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