Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Impossible

Newsflash for all you who desire to do what God has called you to do: "It's Impossible!"

For many of you what you desire to do and are trying to do seems impossible. This is not a phase. This will continue the rest of your life. You may say, "What the Heck! Gee Thanks!" But the truth is that on every stage and level you will face impossiblity...if you are doing what God asked you to do.

If you have the budget and the people to do what God has called you to then you are not starting a movement, but probably managing mediocrity.

God will never allow you to live a life where faith is not required. Faith's brother is Risk of Failure.

I recently came to a point where I was saying, "God this is impossible. I can't see it. There is no way this can happen. You give everyone else a handicap (like golf), but you don't give me these things." I felt the Spirit of God say, "THAT IS IT! It is impossible. It can't be done. There is no way."

If you sat down and interviewed the giants of our faith from the past before their movement and after their movement, it would be two totally different people. Everyone of them started with only faith, a vision and a heart that had encountered the Living God.

Friends, I sit in the same place you do. My eyes see lack, smallness and limitations. But my spirit sees abundance, lives transformed and leaders developed. I will either succomb to what my eyes see or what God says.


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  2. Pastor Kevin this is amazing. This stood out to me alot--
    "God will never allow you to live a life where FAITH is not required."
    --That is a very good word. To me you have to gnosko faith. Having that kind of faith where you are so acquainted with the Word; gnosking that the impossible is possible through the Father. That faith is required through everyday life. That you have the kind of faith that when you start your car in the morning, that it will start. You gnosko that. Even when you spend time in prayer that you gnosko that God is going to illuminate something to you. I hope that makes some kind of shrewdness haha

  3. Lazarus was dead for a while before Jesus stepped in, it seemed impossible that he would ever have life again. God is a God of the impossible. I frequently forget that the same God that parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, is the God that I serve today.

  4. You guys are right, faith is ability to not see and still move forward. Thanks for reading!