Thursday, January 28, 2010

The End of a Thing

Recently I have been reading a book about starting movements. It is an excellent book by Steve Addison. I have read many accounts of Christians who changed the face of their culture.

I saw one characteristic of each person or people that started movements. Whether it was John Wesley, Martin Luther, The Moravians or Pentecostals, they were not shaken at what they saw around them. They were not shaken by the days of small beginnings. As a matter of fact, every movement recorded was started in very small, humble beginnings.

As I survey the qualities of these leaders, I realized something: "They never judged the end of the matter by the start."

To be able to start a movement we must be able to transcend the day to day, present circumstances of that situation. When people leave or break commitment, we must be able to see beyond that point and not get wrapped up in that current situation.

Your beginning, like ours at our current ministry The Well, may start small. But you cannot judge the end of a thing by the beginning. We don't want to be a dying star.

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