Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just Don't Deflate the Balloon

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great made this statement, "You don't have to be a great motivator, just don't do things that de-motivate the team."

I have been around leaders that violate this principle all the time. I was recently in a staff meeting at work and saw the violation of this in a major way. The leader came in and told the staff how bad we were and called people out. There were ladies crying after meeting!
It has taken weeks for the morale to return to normal.

What demotivates the people around you?

The error comes in when a leader wants to motivate his people and get their production levels up and gets into the "we need to.... you ought to.... just do this...." I listen to preachers on this level. Most preachers say, "You need, you ought, you should..."

So, if you are going to start and sustain a movement then look at these factors of demotivating people under you or around you:

  • -Calling them out in front of others when you have never approached the conflict personally.
  • -Not dealing with conflict between those in your midst.
  • -Leading reactively to problems instead of proactively with vision.
  • -Not saying, "I am sorry, I was wrong."
  • -Not showing personal appreciation to those around you by specifically and privately encouraging them.
  • -Over-promising and under-delivering.

These are just a few. Tim Elmore gives a picture of the "Hot Air Balloon" on how to encourage leaders. We must always keep air in the balloons of those around us. Don't deflate the balloon.

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