Thursday, September 2, 2010

Evaluating Yourself

Leaders who start movements are reflective. They take time to reflect over the past year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.

Your past is one of the best teachers you have on this earth. You do not grow by experience, but by evaluated experience.

I have been working on building a Core Team to start a church for about a year here in Port Saint Lucie, FL (2009-2010). I have taken time to do an evaluation of misconceptions, fears and my most effective abilities in the past year. This was very sobering. Most of us can easily tell others what to do without sympathy because we are not reflective of ourselves.

Through my reflective time I have been evaluating:

1. Fear #1 Insignificance in my purpose (forgotten by people and not fulfilling God ordained destiny)
2. Fear #2 Rejection by people (not good enough in speaking, leading, conflict, etc)
3. Fear #3 Hypocritical leader (not good enough, mistakes, etc)

Misconceptions or Wrong Mindsets:
1. I Can Build God's Church. The Lord adds to numbers. No man can have anything unless heaven release it to him.

2. I am Here to Please Men. It does not matter if I am approved by people. I am only here to please God.

3. Stability and Predicability Can Be Achieved Permanently. In church planting and bi-vocational ministry there are seasons of this, but I always have to adjust to the ebb and flow of a season.

4. I Know What I Need and Tell God. I have to know that God knows what I need and who I need. It is just as sovereign when He keeps people from me as when He brings them to me.

5. If I Do it Right- They Will Respond Correctly. People are people are people are people..... People will be people. They are dynamic, not static. You will handle certain situations correctly and it will still turn out negative in earthly terms.

These are my yearly evaluations. I am still reflecting on these.
Take time to evaluate your deepest fears. If you do not, you will be driven by inward fear instead of faith. Evaluate wrong mindsets that brought frustration.

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