Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guest Blogger: Vic Pass- The Little Things

"Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges"
by Vic Pass

That is a saying that has been engraved in my life. It is all about the little things.

I remember this example shown so vividly as Pastor Jake Ishmael said this to 12 first year master commission students while watching their leadership of the church wash vans on a cold Colorado day. As I look back on it now, it is always about the small things. In order for God to bless you with big things in life, you must be a steward over the little things He assigns you to first. And as an emerging leader, "bouyancy" will play a huge role in your life. Taking care of the little things matters so much. There is nothing, in the Kingdom of God that is too small to be important.

Emerging leaders take initiative and do whatever possible to get the job done. Emerging leaders also take responsibility for their actions. Stepping up and taking ownership over the small things we do brings honor to God. Taking care of the small things makes you a "go to guy" for the leaders you are serving.
Pastor Brett, Lead Pastor at Emerging Life Christian Center, taught me that there is a time to be submissive and there is a time to become a leader. Bouyant leaders rise to the occassion; even in the small things.

Vic Pass is a Student at Covenant Bible College and Seminary. Vic also serves on volunteer staff at Emerging Life Christian Center in Denver, CO. I had the privilege of being Vic's youth pastor at Celebration Outreach Center in Elberton, GA (2007-2008). He is an emerging leader who is going to make a big impact in this world. (I also picked one of his goofiest pictures to use.) Love ya Vic :)

*Follow me on twitter: The pastors I lsited above: Pastor Jake, @jakeishmael and Pastor Brett, @1973life. Become the leader that God wants you to be; flourishing through every process to fully understand your God-given destiny.

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