Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why People Quit

I heard an amazing quote the other day, "People don't quit an organization, ultimately they quit people."

Out of all the times people have left a ministry I was a part of or an organization I was working for, this principle rings true.

We often peg people as "leaving" our ministries. We hear their frustration about "things." At the end of the day, people quit people.

So, the question should be for us, "Why would someone quit me or you? What personality/character issue would flare up in us to cause someone to quit?"
(note: There are many times that you do all you can do and they are going to leave anyway. There are some people that you don't mind if they leave because they are constant headache)

Honest confession time. I really don't know how many, if anyone besides my mentor (Dr. Brett Cooper) and a couple of close friends read this, but I am going to be honest. My issues and the reason people have quit and will quit is because I am defensive, prideful and I don't back down from any fight. I am really seeking God and asking Him to pour His grace out on me so I can overcome these issues. I want the people at our ministry and those who are volunteer staff to have the best experience ever. I can thwart this by having to correct every issue and show that I have some knowledge.

So, if 20% of the people that leave are those who are the constant headaches and the perpetually wounded ducks, then 80% may rest on our shoulders. Take some time today to look introspectively and ask the question, "Why have people or why will they quit me?"


  1. Kevin, that is an awesome post. I constantly remind myself in the business world that people don't quit their jobs...they quit their manager. Very powerful stuff...I too have to work on my active listening skills...I get wrapped up in the million and one things I have going on...and, too often, dismiss the one person who needs me at that moment. We have a motto at Autozone, "Treat every Autozoner as the only Autozoner, Treat every store as the only store." Powerful words that have I have fallen short.

  2. So true Vernon. I have to evaluate myself and see the areas that I can improve in. I guess the two greatest words in a relationship is "I am Sorry."
    Hope you and the family are doing well.

  3. "People don't quit an organization, ultimately they quit people."
    I have no doubt in my mind that this is true.

    And Kevin, that's really awesome that you would be honest about that. Definitely not easy for a leader to do.

  4. Thanks Chris. The worst thing is when you are trying to overcome "co-dependency" and want to please everyone, but at the same time maintain an organization of integrity.
    I have been dealing with that this week.
    Hey man, being real is all I can be. It gets me in trouble sometimes :)