Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Don't Have Any Blindspots

I enjoy our men's Community Group on Wednesday nights. We have great discussions and powerful times of prayer.

Recently our group leader asked the men, "What is the main issue you are trying to overcome?"

Every dude in the group totally danced around the question. They explained every mystery known to mankind but would not share their "thing."

One of the greatest problems is when we cannot honestly sit down and share our weaknesses, limitations and issues as a leader.
If you really want to know what they are. Ask you wife. Ask your best friend. Ask the people you lead (in a secret survey).

What are your blindspots and weaknesses?

Mine are:
1) I am very defensive. I have insecurities. I know this and I have to learn to not answer people back in a smart-ellic way.
2) I am too task oriented. I am all about the bottom line and getting the job done in the most effective manner. That sounds really good at first, until you realize that I will do this at the cost of relationships. My strength can also be my greatest weakness if not checked.
3) I am also really afraid of "failing." I compare myself to others a lot and hold my self to stupidly ridiculous high standards. My greatest fear is failing and being mediocre in God's call for my life. I have to learn that when I am following Christ- there is no failure when it comes to meeting expectations. He met them all for me.

Take time to inventory your blindspots. Let people around you help you and speak into your life.


  1. The men of The Well are too holy for blindspots.

    If you asked anyone close to me their first responce would probably be I am too stubborn. I also have been told that when I'm first meeting or getting to know someone that I'm not very "approchable".

  2. Thanks for the transparency. I would also say you are too tall as well :)

  3. Last one was from Kevin. sorry, it was messing up my sign in on my OWN BLOG! lol