Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Secret of a Dark Season

Dark Season- Matt 10:27 Whatever I tell you in the dark...preach on the rooftops.
Os Hillman said in his book, "The Upside of Adversity,"
Songbirds are taught to sing in the dark. There are something's that only God can do in you in a dark season.

My last blog was on the topic of a dark season as well. God allows dark seasons in our lives for different reasons. One of those reasons is because there are only certain things God can speak to us in a dark season. It is then that we are postured to listen. Most people stop listening because of the intense pain and loneliness those seasons can bring. It is in those times God wants to shift your paradigms. We all set up these theological beliefs about our methodologies that God has to crush. We have methodologies that some guy on TV taught us, but it is not found in Scripture. God will allow these methodologies and mindsets to fail so He can reshape us. Most people get bitter and jaded when this happens.

God wants to share things with you in the dark so you can preach it from the rooftops (high places). If you allow yourself to get bitter, damaged and jaded, your revelation in the dark place will be of no use.

What methodologies is God trying to break in you?
What is God trying to speak to you in your dark season?
How will it help people when you "preach it from the rooftops?"

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