Thursday, February 2, 2012

Team vs. Individual

Watching the Superbowl media day interviews of the 2 teams in Superbowl 46 was very telling of why they are there.
The players from the Patriots and Giants both had a "team" concept versus an "individual" concept. Eli Manning even said, "It's not about my legacy. It's about these guys and our team accomplishing all they can."

Why don't churches have this mindset? As individuals and church bodies. There are way too many people that are about themselves and their legacy. The reason many churches and cities don't win us because they are full of diva church members. They want what's best for them versus what is best for the team.

I have seen these type of folks spark up and spark out at The Well. They may preach a team concept, but the second they don't get the ball they start crying. They make it about themselves. They complain to other team members because they don't get their way. They don't get involved unless they can be the spotlight.
These folks are cancers and consumers.

Thank God I have folks at The Well that want the team to win and the body of Christ to win. They see what needs to be done and will take on any role to help the team. Team players don't have to tell you they are team players. Everyone knows it.

You can never start a God-honoring movement without those with a team mindset. Ask God to remove and prine your ministry of the Terrell Owen's type players. Start rewarding team players who serve and look for TEAM first.

You ready for the Superbowl?
(next post will be about churches in the body of Christ)

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