Monday, February 6, 2012

As a Team Corporately

The last post talked about the importance of "team" versus "individual." The Giants have won the Super Bowl and it shows the value of the team mindset.
My last post was about the local church body. This post is about the Body of Christ as a whole.

Too many churches have the "individual" mindset. They see other churches as competition and view themselves as superior because of style or methodology. I experienced this first hand several years back. There was a church that split off from another church in a city. The bigger church that was split from offered me a position. The pastor that splintered off also wanted me to come and serve. Dianna and I felt the Lord leading us in this decision to go with the established church, not the splinter church. I had breakfast with Pastor "Split." He trashed that church and broke off our friendship in a professional manner when I accepted a position there. Funny thing is that I approached him for breakfast because he preached Kingdom. He just could not live it.

How are you connecting the churches in your community?
Do you make meetings about your vision or do you seek to help others?
Do you praise or trash other churches?

Jesus sees the churches in our city as one. Why can't we? We are a TEAM.

For more on this concept, read Jason Dukes new book- BEYOND MY CHURCH.

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