Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyone Loves Back-Up QB's

I heard an NFL commentator make a profound statement on ESPN the other day. He said, "The most popular guy in a town is the back up QB." He was asked, "Why is that?" "Simple. He doesn't make any mistakes (as in interceptions) and gives the city hope that it can be better."

I have served as a back up QB most of life. Not in the NFL but in ministry. I held the clipboard and watched. And criticized. And dreamed that I could do better. When I had the chance to preach once every six months I looked pretty good. I heard the fans saying that the back up may do better.

Here is the reality. It looks real easy until you get in the game. I watched the NFL NETWORK'S biggest QB busts. Most of the busts were back up QB's who played good in a few games and signed for a big contract as a starter only to fail.

So, here are the takeaways:
1. If you are a back up QB be patient and understand that practice is easier than the game.
-Go through preparation and be supportive. You have NO idea what pressure the starting QB is facing; ex. Lead Pastor, CEO, etc. Don't believe the hype. There are always a group of people that will walk up to you and tell you that they wish you would preach more.

2. If you are a fan then don't create a QB controversy.
-He is the back up for a reason. It may not be better with him and realize that ALL teams or QB's have a bad streak. If you preach twice a year then you should look pretty good. If he plays one game a year, he should look good. Why? The starter throws 500 passes and you throw 20 a year.

3. If you are the starting QB then prepare the back-ups, work with them and ignore the fair weather fans.
-The greatest work you can do is mentor and train someone to take your place. Teach the back up QB. Give him opportunities.
-Ignore the fair weather fans. There are always those people who think a new QB will solve all their problems.
Granted, it may take a new QB, but it is the way it is handled.

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