Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Key to Destroying a Movement

I heard this the other day from a "Volunteer Central" blog. It is something God has had to work on in me.

Have you ever been part of a church where there is constant drama? Where no one can trust each other?

I have. I hate it. I refuse to entertain this anymore. Where does it come from?
-Assuming negative intentions in everyone's actions.

For instance, someone challenges you, the leader, at a meeting on a plan you have. You leave and tell your spouse, "Yeh, I bet he is trying to vote me out."
Or, someone doesn't come through on a task and you immediately think, "They never liked me and wanted to destroy me."

Here is the key: Assume positive intentions upfront. Never assume negative motivations in someone's part. Take time to dialogue and find out why this happened. Then, you have to trust them and assume positive intentions on their part.

All negative actions are not from negative intentions. Sometimes we intend well, but it doesn't come through like it.

If you want to stop drama in your ministry then:
-Speak highly of others
-Think highly of others
-Assume FIRST they had positive intentions
-NEVER get into the questioning of motivation. Just ask them WHY and then believe them.

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