Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Guests Need to Know About You

In the last blog I talked about what you need to know about the 21st century guest. In this blog there is something they need to know about you. 

Many churches have brochures for first time guests with their "hundreds" of ministries. Guests often open it up, get overwhelmed and close it. They will later find it several months later when cleaning out their cars. Other churches have the really cool packet with tons of information. They may even give out a coffee mug with candy and more information. 

We have not had money to make cool packets or start hundreds of ministries. Our story at Thrive is that we have be very, very focused. We do everything on a shoe string budget. So, we give our guest 3 things. They get a life book as a gift as they enter. In that book a connection card and a Growth Track card with our 101-401 is found. 

We focus on helping first time guests understand their clear next step. We let them know where and how to return the card several ways. Our VIP hosts show them. I open up with that next step in my message. They get the next step info in email and a letter so they understand that fully. 

Once they get to 101 we focus on helping them again with next steps. Our whole system is set up to help them connected into the life of our church. 

Does everyone know what their next step is at your church? 
How are guests taught their logical next steps? 
Are your steps clear or do you have 70 classes leading in different directions? 

Make clear next steps. Over communicate those steps. Make each step easy and attainable. Help them personally go through each step. 

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