Saturday, May 17, 2014

IN vs. ON

Let's face it. As leaders we have a lot of tasks that have to be done. There are tons of conversations with people that come up. Don't forget the event that is breathing down our necks or the sermon that is due up again. 
There are a lot of small things that demand our time. 

There is a story of a farmer who was forming a field. He started off by tilling the ground, marking boundaries and even putting up the scarecrow. After a while he began to plant seeds. As he was planting he noticed weeds, bugs and some stones. He worked tirelessly to plant seeds and take up weeds. He spent hours in one section of the field. He forgot to plant the seeds according to the proper season. Because of the distractions he planted haphazardly. He walked up months later and made the statement, "I have been so focused on weeds and seeds that I have all but destroyed the field." 

That could be many of us today. You could be focused on the day to day management that you have lost site of the big picture of the "field." The field could be your health, your marriage, your finances or your ministry. 

The key difference is between working IN it and working ON it. 
Working IN it is: 
•Day to day tasks and management. 
•The lesson, the talk or event. 
•Conversations or helping someone. 
All of these are important but you have to take time to pause, reflect and look at the big picture. 

Working ON it is: 
•Looking at the fulfillment of the mission and goals/results. 
•Big picture planning and calendars 
•Reflecting on your roles in life and your calling. 
Doing this is hard but keeps the field healthy and producing. 

Start to look at your week in terms of working IN or working ON. Both need attention. 
Which one do you "lose" yourself in? 

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