Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This Kind...

Leaders all want to be unique. We all want to make our specific stamp on the world. We desire for people to see that we are different and are doing a significant work.

The problem lies when a leader is trying to produce something unique in their organization through works that do not match up with their private life. I recently posted a blog called, "Is your private life inspiring." I went into great detail about our private lives and our walk with God.

In the gospels, Jesus has a man approach him and the man is upset that his disciples could not cast a demon out of his son. The disciples are perplexed also. Then Jesus says, "This kind only comes out by prayer and fasting..." Now, we can have twelve theologians and preachers tell us twelve different opinions. I want to share with you, not what I think Jesus meant, but I want to share the story behind the story.

The disciples had seen Jesus working miracles. They had done some themselves. But they had not caught on to Jesus' prayer and fasting life. They had not caught on to the behind the scenes.

Here is the point: Stop trying to do something unique. Stop being so engulfed with what you are doing. Start becoming unique. You will never produce something that is antithetical to your personal seeking of God.

The disciples hit a personal empass. They tried to produce something unique without a unique devotional life.

I will hit this empass, you will hit this empass, those you work with and minister to will hit this empass.

Jesus literally was saying, "Boys, your personal seeking of me is not unique enough to handle this. Your old ways of prayer, devotions and fasting are too small."

Maybe you have hit an empass recently. Maybe you have hit up against something that your "winging it" and not seeking God could handle in the past. THIS KIND.... requires you step your game up or step out of the way.

Are you ready to start a movement?

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