Monday, July 20, 2009

Learning New Languages- "Missional"

Krissy and Kyle Missionary have raised the funds. Their home church has a budget for their world missionary endeavor. They are learning the language of the tribe they will be working with in another country. Their church is so proud of these missionaries and they hope that one day maybe they could work on the mission field too like Krissy and Kyle. They realize they have not been called by God to be a missionary, so they are to stay here in their town and work and support missionaries.

Leaders who start movements realize that everyone is called to be a missionary. They realize their city, job, home and personal friends are a mission field. They take time to learn their language of their culture and minister accordingly.

Their is a big problem with people today, especially Christians. It is self-centeredness. We go into our jobs like lazy slobs, ready to get off and go home the moment we go in. We complain with our co-workers and gossip just like they do. Our personal friends are for our personal pleasure. We go to a church or get education or information to make us feel good, but we miss the point of life.

The point is this: We are called, especially if you are Christians, to add value to everyone we are around. Our jobs are a mission field to share love, grace, mercy and the gospel. Our friends are people who need to be prayed for and fasted for. They need to be listened to and ministered to.

The term missionary is a term that should be done away with. We are all missionaries. If we put the prayer, time, money and effort into reaching our neighbors as we did Africa or the Middle East, the world would be changed. We should be missional communities that exist to minister to our community. We are all sent by God to bless and add value to our circles of influence.

Sure, go overseas, feed some kids and play kick ball with them. But please don't come back and forget that you are always a missionary. Everyday is an endeavor.

Learn the language of your community. Be involved in helping your community and seeing the needs of it.

Read Acts Chapter 2. "They all spoke the language of their communities." Realize that each one heard them in their own tongue.
That generation revolutionized their world. We need that mindset to return!


  1. Tell it! The Kingdom of God needs to be established in America not just Africa. Last time I checked the score for the home team it was Satan 50 Christians -49 (I am being facetious of course).

  2. Yes man, we need to also focus on America. I love the term, "Glocal Community." Global and local combined in terms of missions.