Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Tortoise and the Hare

Starting movements take time.

We all know the story of the tortiose and the hare. The hare was a fast rabbit. He started the race fast and had superior ability than the tortiose. His only detriment was lack of perspective and understanding of the race.

Leaders that started movements in history understood the race and what it would take. They had life long perspective. It is not the best preachers, worship leaders or professors that make it. It is those who pace themselves and are careful to not make any huge blunders when it comes to character.

My mentor recently told me, "Just don't quit." I was asking for advice and help. That seemed so elementary, but it was "tortoise truth."

Bishop Tony Miller told me one day, "If I could go back to your age (30 years old), I would not try to do everything in my first 10 years. I would pace myself. I would not have preached so much. I would have spent time with my family more."

The vision killer we must set out to stop in our lives is lack of respect for time and what it produces. God is never in a hurry when it comes to incubating greatness. Fine wine takes time and usually spends a lot of time in the cellar before use.

This year, remember the tortoise and the hare....

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