Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Just Start a Movement, Maintain a Movement

Stretch Your Capacity to Grow
I have heard it said by many leaders at many different times, "It is far easier to obtain than it is to maintain."

I was in a mentoring class last night and the topic was the "Capacity of Leadership is Wisdom."

God begin to speak to me about capacity. We love to preach about new levels and prophesy new levels. We talk in excitement of new places. The truth of the matter is that God will not allow you to move into a season you cannot inhabit.

Capacity comes only through stretching. That is the truth. If your life is comfortable and things are easy for you, then your capacity has been tapped out and you can prophesy until you are blue in the face, but until you stretch yourself you will never go into a new level.

Stretching hurts. It is like working out. I play basketball on Monday nights for about 2 hours and the next couple of days... I hurt. This pain is not a negative pain, but as one mentor said, "It hurts good."

When I was attending Emmanuel College in 2004, I decided to take N.T Greek. Our professor, Dr. Luper, was a tank driver in the Army. He drove us too! I went to him 3 months into it and said, "Doc, I have to quit. My blood pressure is up. I can't hang out with friends. I work 2 jobs and do youth ministry also." He told me to seek God on this. God told me two days later, "An ucommon anointing requires an uncommon preparation. If you want to remain common, prepare commonly. It won't hurt you a bit to do it commonly." I finished Greek 3 semesters later.

Learning the Greek was not the impact. You can read N.T Greek from a concordance. It was the stretching of concepts and learning at that level that enabled me to stretch to new levels. I would do things in my first few years of ministry, to just stretch myself. I hate preaching from manuscripts. It is boring having to compile a complete manuscript, but I wanted to get better so I took myself out of my comfort zone.

Playing golf is the same way. If you swing the way it is comfortable, you will be very unsuccessful. To learn to swing properly in golf is learning to put your hands in weird positions and it is a very uncomfortable swinging motion.

Expand yourself by:
1) Expose yourself to other models of ministry/organizational leadership. Go to the ones you despise and learn from them.
2) Do something you hate to do everyday. That is discipline.
3) Read, learn, make it HURT GOOD :)

So, are you ready for more capacity?

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