Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grow to Your Potential

In my leadership devotional this morning, I came across a great breakdown of how to increase your potential as a leader. This is from John Maxwell's "Leadership for Graduates."

It has been said that our potential is God's gift to us, and what we do with it is our gift to Him. But our potential is our greatest untapped resource. Why? We can do anything, but we can't do everything. Many people never really dedicate themselves to their purpose in life. They become a jack of all trades and a master of none- rather than a jack of few trades, focused on one.

Here are four principles to put you on the road to growing toward your potential:

1. Concentrate one One Main Goal: Nobody ever reached their potential by scattering themselves in twenty directions. Reaching your potential requiers focus.

2. Concentrate on Continual Improvement: Commitment to continual improvement is the key to reaching our potential. Each day you can become a little bit better than you were yesterday.

3. Forget the Past: Maybe you have made a lot of mistakes in your life, or you have had an especially difficult past. Work your way through it and move on.

4. Focus on the Future: You can become better tomorrow than you are today. As the Spanish proverb says, "He who does not look ahead remains behind."

Ask yourself today, "Am I growing to my potential?"

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