Friday, June 18, 2010

Learning from the Down-Up

Learning from the Down-Up
I had a great conversation with a young man I have been mentoring recently. We were discussing ministry and dealing with situations. I stopped and asked him, "What would you do?"

He gave some great advice. It was what I needed to hear.

In 2002, my mentor, Pastor Brett Cooper ( asked me how I would deal with a situation in the youth ministry. I was attending and being mentored by Dr. Cooper. I gave my advice and he actually used what I shared.

Leaders who start movements have to operate in a place of humility to listen and learn from all those around them. They don't have to have all the right answers to be the leader. They just have to be able to discern the best ideas from all those around them.

As a leader today ask yourself, "What keeps me from seeing the whole picture?" Ask yourself this, "What will I regret the most about this decision three years from now?"

Learn to pull from sources all around you. Ask good questions and be willingly to change course when see a better perspective.

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