Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Something was sparked in me this morning as I was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio. They were disussing how the use of Human Growth Hormones and Performance Enhancing Drugs have tainted the records of those who used them. Baseball has been greatly affected by these drugs.

When Dick Vitale came on as a guest, you could hear the passion with which he shared about this situation. Fans and the other athletes discredit the records because they were reached illegally.

Why would an MVP in baseball risk taking these drugs when he became an MVP without them?

Why would a professional athlete risk destroying his body and reputation by using these drugs?

As I pondered this I realized that the main reason is to uphold their reputation. Actually, it may not be to uphold their reputation, but the reputation that they have built of themselves in their minds. Because of this self-bred pressure, they begin to try to find shortcuts to keep up with the legend they have created in their minds.

How does this tie into starting movements or leadership? Don't take P.E.D's? NO.

So many times we try to project what we are really not. We try to "enhance" our images by overexaggerating the numbers or stretching the truth about our accomplishments. Each time we bend a little to protect our reputation and save face, we are no different from the Major League Players who have subjected themselves to illegal drugs.

We will do more harm on our "spiritual hearts" and it will catch up with us. When we look for shortcuts to success and strive to accomplish things to impress others we end up doing harm to the "character" of our lives.

John Maxwell said, "It is not what you accomplish in life but rather, WHO you become by it."

It is not wrong to desire a great destination, it is just wrong to try to cheat to get there.

There have been many pastors, leaders of large companies, college professors, fathers and mothers who had been lying to protect their reputations and when they were found out... hurt so many people. People felt cheated and were damaged in the process.

What is your "Human Growth Hormone" that you are taking (or lie you are believing and living by) that is causing damage to your character, but you feel you need it to live up to self-imposed standards?

Be the best you that you can be and the people around you will celebrate that.

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