Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Purpose of Opposition- ReThink

I recently tweeted, "Okay God... I got it now."

I was speaking of the purpose of opposition. We often think of opposition as.... just that, opposition. I have been looking at opposition differently though. Could opposition to your ideas and methods be God trying to steer you in a different direction in a situation?

Let me explain. Inventions and innovation came because there was an obstacle or opposition. When you have a problem, let's call that opposition, you have to find a solution- right? Without a problem there would never be a solution.

So here it is, "Opposition produces innovation that reveals your unique purpose."
If you had it your way, you live a normal life and approach things in a normal manner. The opposition you are facing is causing you to critically think about ideas and options you would not have thought of before.

Our ministry meets on Sunday nights at 6:00pm. Now for religious folks, you have to do church on Sunday morning. We are attempting to plant a church called, "The Well" in Port Saint Lucie, FL. We have prayed and sought God but we have not seen the financial blessing that we thought we needed to see in order to launch. So, the opposition (problem) has caused us focus on our mission and find creative ways to complete that mission. We are thinking much more creatively than we would have if we would not have had this opposition.

What opposition are you facing? Where is it pushing you? What models or methods is the opposition causing you to re-think?

Opposition could be your best friend. Carry opposition out to dinner. Remember, all weight lifting is- using opposition to strengthen your body. Use opposition.....

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