Saturday, May 9, 2009

Explosive Growth

The atomic bomb was made of two opposing elements. It was made of uranium 235 and unstable TNT. Tim Elmore uses the atomic bomb in his book, Habitudes, to explain explosive growth. The secret to the power of the atomic bomb was that it imploded before it exploded.

The secret to starting a movement in your ministry or organization is that you must first implode before you explode. Before your organization can hit explosive growth it must have implosive growth. The catalyst will not happen with the big group at first, it will happen within a small group of leaders first.

In previous ministries, I always saw the growth happen when a small group would get together and pray. We would seek the Lord for hours. We would come in on Friday nights and do Bible studies. Focus on getting a small group on fire first before you want the whole group on fire.

Think on this:
1. Implosive growth in your personal life: What small things can you do internally, such as spiritual disciplines, that would help you lead better?
2. Implosive growth with a group: What group are you meeting with where you are seeing an implosion take place?
3. Focus on the few first: As a leader, do not put all your focus on those who are falling away, put your focus on those who are on fire. Feed their fire. What group in your ministry are you focusing on?

The Atomic Bomb Principle


  1. Kevin, I like this. I have just become part of a plant team here in Metairie,LA. I went to my first leadership meeting last week, and saw a need for this implosive passion. I am ready to be the igniting force and this post gave me een more motivation to do so. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Mauricio, I will be praying for that passion to stay alive. Passion is the edge that makes on cutting-edge!
    Keep in touch man. Enjoyed your comments on facebook also.