Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Secret to Starting a Movement

I remember it clearly like it was yesterday. The Lord spoke to me in my prayer time and said, "Kevin, to start a movement YOU must become a movement." 

Pastors today are intoxicated with creating and growing organizations. They are engulfed with success. The world does not another creative "talk" or cool video. The world needs leaders who are in love and passionate for the Spirit of God. We are in the midst of a generation who have a laissez faire attitude toward their spirituality. The sad thing is, it is the leaders, the Christian leaders. We care more about being "hip" than we do impacting. 

The people in our churches are not their to help us build our little kingdom. They are not as concerned with growing your church as you are. They are desperate for a leader who is full of the Holy Spirit and transparent. Our congregations are starving for leaders who fast and pray. They are starving for leaders who have a Word from God on Sundays. 

My life was radically transformed when I read a book about a pastor who woke up at 5:00am every morning and walked the streets of the city to fast and pray. He said, "A little job done is better than a big job talked about." At 22 years old, I began to walk our city on Saturday mornings to fast and pray. I would lay hands on the sick and lead everyone I met to salvation in Christ. 

Here is the point. The King in You Will Awaken the King in Another. Let the greatness inside of you awaken greatness in your congregation. When Mary saw Elizabeth the baby inside of her lept. 

Start a movement. 

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  1. another good post Kevin. I feel like you are speaking to me, I have often said, to take a quote from "Remeber the Titans", "attitude reflects leadership". If there isn't an overwelming passion from the church community you are leading, then you should probably look at yourself and see if you are allowing the fire to spread throughout the community. I like it, kind of like napalm.