Friday, May 15, 2009

How to STOP a Movement

As leaders we are always thinking of how to move forward with vision and grow the organization. How do we make it better? That is question that runs through our mind. By nature leaders are those who love to start movements. But I want to explore ways STOP a movement.

In the south we have the sweet nectar of heaven, as my friend Rylan Jones calls it, which is sweet tea. After playing golf one day I was parched. I ordered a large glass of sweet tea. I could see the beads of condensation running down the glass as the waiter brought it. My mouth watered. I immediately took a big gulp of this tea. I think I drank half the glass. I quickly found out that Satan had played a big trick :) This was UNSWEET TEA! I gagged and had a bitter taste in my mouth. My expectation was far different from reality.

As leaders we always go through times when expectation and reality do not line up. The bible describes this as, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." It is in these times we must not let the "root of bitterness spring up and defile the whole body." I have seen many leaders and people who have an expected outcome in relationships, circumstances and dreams of ministry. They find out that the hope gets deferred.

So, the quickest way to STOP a movement in your ministry is to allow a root of bitterness to spring up. How does this happen:
1. Disappointment in a person or situation.
2. Offense at the person, situation or God.
3. Disillusionment. Your overall vision is tainted.
4. Anger towards people or situation. (do not let sun go down on is like Gizmo, it will turn into a gremlin.)
5. The Root of Bitterness.

Someone who has a root of bitterness is cut off from people. They are wearing sunglasses all the time. No matter how bright reality is, they see it darker. They cannot truly connect with people.
We must recoginze when there is a root. We must repent and then reconcile with God and man.

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  1. Wonderful! We as leader love to talk about starting things, building things, and growing things. Rarely do we ever talk about, or recognize, those things inside of us that can quickly kill what the Lord is trying to do through us. Self examination is key to health. Health is the key to growth. And growth is the Key to building God's kingdom effectively.

    Thanx for the POST!!! i love it!!