Monday, June 22, 2009

The Danger of Being Impressed with Yourself Part 2

There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance.
Overconfidence is actually a very bad thing when people look at our lives for guidance.

Sardis was a church that Jesus mentioned in the book of Revelation. Sardis was a city that was located on the top of sheer cliffs. The residents did not believe it could be taken captive by a foreign enemy because of the city's remote location. Because of this attitude they stopped paying attention to their foundation. Their foundation of the city's walls began to have big cracks. One night an enemy climbed through the cracks of the walls and hid in ambush. When the people of Sardis woke up, they were surrounded by enemies.

Being impressed with ourselves comes from an overconfidence in our gifting rather than character. This causes cracks.

I see many ministers who are so impressed with themselves that they think their church in their city is the only church God is speaking to or using. Because of this overconfidence many leaders fail to take care of what really matters....their character. Being over impressed with ourselves causes us to leave the foundational principles that change us.

We become to busy to spend long amounts of time in prayer. We become more focused on a performance instead of our private life. We don't value people. Our ministries are jobs instead of callings.

What cracks in your foundation are you overlooking?

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  1. Powerful stuff brother. This is the material that God will use to change lives.