Monday, June 29, 2009

Is Your Private Life Insipring?

Privately Uncommon

We all want to be people who are remembered for something. Our heart beats for success and signifigance. We try to accomplish this by doing something great. The secret to starting a movement that will be remembered forever is "being" something great.

Great leaders have inspiring private lives. They are uncommon in their pursuit of growth, knowledge and excellence. They rarely get caught up in doing a bunch of things. They stay focused on becoming through personal growth and sacrifice.

Here is the point: Uncommon men do daily what common men do occasionally.

I remember driving home from Dianna's house one night while we were still dating. I called my primary spiritual mentor up on the way home. He told me he was at the local airport praying. He said, "I was sitting at home eating cookies and watching CSI with my wife. I determined that watching CSI and eating cookies would not propel me to my destiny."
This conversation radically shaped my spiritual walk. I then began to make the same comment to myself about things that were not propelling me to my destiny.

Do the people around you catch you on lengthy fasts and in depth prayer? Do the people around you attest to what great lengths you go to in order to learn and grow? Are you trying to wow people by a great gift or inspire them by a great private life characterized by integrity? Are you busy coaching little league teams, hanging out at parties, surfing the internet for hours or maybe being lazy? What are your "cookies and CSI?"

Be inspiring in your private life and you will not have to work people up publicly to try to follow you.

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