Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Be So Impressed with Yourself

I was talking with a pastor friend the other day. He asked me how things went at my last ministry time. I commented, "It was very powerful." I was speaking of God's blessing on the ministry time, but it seemed like he took it as me being arrogant. He responded, "I bet so, of course, you were ministering." I caught on and clarified what I meant and then we laughed. But I talk to some young ministers and they are so impressed with their messages and ministry times. All they talk about is themselves and how impressed they are with themselves. When someone ask you about your speaking engagement or times of ministry is it, "I....," or is it, "God...?"

Here is the point. Leaders who start movements are not overly impressed with themselves.

Leaders who begin movements know a simple truth. There are always those who are not as good as you when it comes to skill. There are many on your same level and there many more who are much better than you.

Catalytic leaders don't compare themselves with others or even themself with themself. They compare their work and ministry with the potential God has placed in them and the level of obedience they operate in.

Remember, you are only as good as the last time you spoke, ministered, performed or led. Find mentors who are not overly impressed with you and let them speak into your life.


  1. good advice Kevin...thanks for writing.

  2. This is something all leaders need to read. We just can not go forward with pride. Thanks for your words.