Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Movement before the Movement

Preparation Awareness

Great leaders, especially those who start movements, are aware of God preparing them for the next season of their lives. The Alaskan bull moose prepares for the coming fall by eating as much as possible. I would love to do that! He gains weight and become enormous. Why does he do that? He has to fight with others of his own kind in the fall. When their antler lock, the heaviest one will win by shifting weight.

I have faced some great temptation lately. During this time I began to call out to God to speak to me. I felt the Lord say, "You are preparing for the fall. You need to become 'heavy' in your spiritual life so you can walk victoriously in the battle. Don't wait for the battle to start preparing."

Leaders understand this principle: God is always interested in the next season of your life. Tests are not to learn. You never went to school hoping to learn during a test. You wanted to pass so you could advance. Tests are meant to see if you are ready for the next level. When you are facing tests and trials you can be sure that God is seeing if you are prepared for the next season or level.

Leaders who start movements are always living in the next season through preparation.

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