Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Architects versus Artists

Leaders who start movements are more like architects than artists.

Artists are able to paint a picture. This picture may be pretty, realistic, abstract or even far out there. I meet many leaders who are artists. They can tell you some great stuff. I mean they are so excited and paint a great picture of what they want. You actually get caught up in it. I knew a person once who could do this. He had a new idea for his church everday. One day it was this great idea and then it was another. Eventually, he folded and left town. He was an artist, but that is where the dream stopped, on paper. Like great artwork, it was oohed and aahed, but it still remained on paper.

Architects are those who draw a picture too. Their picture is not as pretty. It may not be oohed or aahed, but it is a picture. Architects draw with the anticipation of what it will take to build what is being drawn. They are dictating structure and need. You must ask yourself, "What will it take to do all this in my heart?" Do I have a strategy to go by as I build?

If you study successful businesses or churches you will find that the leader was an architect. They did not do a lot of talking, but they had a plan written down with goals and expectations of certain outcomes.

Realize that the leaders who fight this mentality are those who are usually in a small environment. Leaders who embrace this know that it will take planning, prayer and a lot of hard work to bring the building of the organization to pass.

Where are the blueprints for your dream? Can your people in your organization see it?

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