Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Missional Mandate Part 2

I stated last that leaders need to be missional instead of "missions minded." I want to show the nature of Christ and how affected his culture and generation with this thinking.

The historical account of Jesus meeting a woman of Samaria at Jacob's Well is found in John chapter 4. Samaria was forever changed because of this. I want to outline 4 ways of thinking that are contingent upon us seeing transformation in our cities.

here is the point: Leaders who start movements see everyday as supernatural, extraordinary days full of opportunity.

1. Divine Transportation: John 4:3-6. Jesus traveled to Samaria by going out of his way. Usually the Jews went around this town because of their dislike for the Samaritans. Jesus must have listened to the Father in prayer that morning and knew what route to take.
He viewed his daily transportation or commute as divine.
We must view our daily routes as divine. If truly a righteous man's steps are ordered by the Lord, then our daily route is truly divine. When we know that our travels and interactions are divine, then we can look for....

2. Divine Conversations: John 4:7-9. Jesus sparks a conversation about water with this lady. God opened a door up for a divine conversation. We are surrounded by divine conversations on a daily basis.
Which conversations are divine? ALL. Matthew 12:36- By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned. We will all give an account for every word spoken. God values our conversations.
When we realize that our daily transportation is divine and that God will fill our day with divine conversations then we can look for....

3. Divine Impartion: John 4:10-11. Jesus sees a "God moment" in the midst of this divine conversation. He takes time to impart or give to her a spiritual truth. In all of our conversations there is a point for impartation. I had this happen to me 11 years ago. There was a young man at ECU that told Jesus Christ loved me and could save me. I responded 6 months later by giving my life to Christ. This guy will not know about this impartation until we get to heaven.
When we are able to give Divine Impartion then we can see....

4. Divine Transformation: John 4:39. This lady's life was rocked! This is the whole mission of my church, "The Well Community Church." We want to see lives transformed. She encountered Jesus and then went in and told her whole city about this. One conversation could change your city. One meeting could transform your city. Are you aware that every day is supernatural and is filled with opportunities?

We are missionaries. We are on assignment. Be alert and aware. One conversation today could shake a city up.

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