Sunday, September 27, 2009

Personal Formation is Goal

Leaders who start movements focus on personal formation first and foremost.

I spend time in three areas developing myself:
1) Spiritual Formation
2) Skill Formation
3) Strategic Formation
Imagine a baseball field and these are bases. I make sure I am "tagging" each bag every week.

One of the saddest statements I hear from failing leaders or thier spouses are, "I have studied all that already (or their spouse says this about them)." Okay, my answer is, "Do you want a cookie?" Look at the usage, "-ed." They did that at some point and time. Development is not about what you used to do.

Remember, it is what you daily, not occasionally that shapes you as a leader.

This is where you spend time journaling, reflecting and praying. Disciplines such as prayer, fasting, meditation, silence and study are at this base. This is where "Christ is formed in us."
We must take care of this base and make sure we are not the proverbial "Starving Baker." The Starving Baker feeds everyone else but himself.
Ask yourself, "How are you growing yourself spiritually?"

The second base: SKILL FORMATION
This is the base where you learn how to get better at what you do. A mentor can help you learn your skill better. Reading books and exposure to ministries also help you see what can be better. I am a communicator and leader of a church, The Well Community Church in Port Saint Lucie, FL. I am constantly listening to all kinds of communicators. I study them and see what makes them unique. I am also leading, so I listen to cd's continually as I drive on skill formation of leadership.
Ask yourself, "How are you getting better at what you do?"

This is the base where you form yourself as a leader. You are not trying to get better at what you do (second base) or who you are (first base), you are trying form yourself for where you are going. This can be accomplished by pouring books on leadership in your life. Dr. Bobby Clinton's teachings on the Leadership Emergence Theory has helped me greatly. I know my gifts, personality, strengths and weaknesses. I am constantly preparing myself for where I want to go and what type of leader I want to be. It is about finishing well.
Ask yourself, "How am I preparing myself to finish every assignment well as a leader?"

Leaders who start movements are serious and strategic about personal formation.

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