Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Enemy of a Movement Part 2

The ones who started yesterday's movement are usually the enemy of today's movements.

Let's continue with the movements of the 1900's and how they were viewed.

1950's: Healing Movement- There was a great movement of divine healings from tent revivals in this era. Oral Roberts was one of the forerunners of this movement. They were called fakes, frauds and heretics. Thank God that today we see this as a norm in the church because these men moved forward.

1970's: Jesus Movement- Hippies began to get saved and start going to church, at least for a little while. The leaders of the day viewed their dress and manner of life unworthy of the church. Do you wear flip flops today while you preach? Do you dress down?

1980's: Choruses Introduced to the Church- This is a time when choruses began to enter in to the modern church. Hymns had been the standard for years. Do you sing choruses now at your church?

1990's: Spiritual Warfare/Prophetic Movement- There was a great emphasis on spiritual warfare in the church. You began to see "experts" birthed in this movement. A large emphasis was placed on corporate prayer gatherings. This was also a time when the prophetic arm of the Church was restored. There were some great revivals during this era, Toronto Blessing and Brownsville to name a few.
Do you see spiritual warfare as a norm today? Your denomination fought it tooth and nail.

2000's: Apostolic Movement/Kingdom/Multi-Expressions of the Body- In the last ten years we have see a rise in the number of apostolic ministries and ministers that have been birthed. Their heart to see a city infiltrated with the gospel. Leadership development and church planting have been a focus. Miles Monroe and the Kingdom teaching have permeated our churches. We now see the birth of multi-site campuses, churches in bars, coffee shop churches, home church movement and the focus of outreach.
What are you becoming the enemy of in this movement?

My journey:
Who knows what movements we will see in the next 20 years. I am trying to re-adjust my perspective so I can receive and encourage young ministers as they pioneer these things. I am looked at by many of my own denominational leaders as, "sport," "kid," "junior," "little buddy," and so on. I want to make sure that as the new movements come I am open to a broader perspective of ministry.

READ NEXT BLOG, PART 3 for conclusion...

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