Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Keys to Favor

We have been studying the book of Ruth from the Old Testament this month in our "Breakforth" Series at The Well. Ruth chapter 2 was powerful. We see a young girl who was a "no-name" and an outcast. She was a Moabitess, which meant she was not one of the Jews. However this young girl makes it into the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Even if you did not buy into Christianity or religion, this is an amazing feat. We looked at Ruth's journey to finding favor in chapter 2. Here is what we found....

1. Favor is forged through relationships. Elimelech was Ruth's recently deceased Father in law. He had a relative named Boaz. We must all continue to be relational in pursuit of favor. Favor is not a mist that Benny Hinn give you when he prays. It is God's response to God's promises that is based on His principles. God did not send Jesus to die to create a religion, He sent Him to create a relationship between man and God.
What divine relationships are you forming?

2. Favor is forged through serving. Ruth "gleaned" in the fields. She did the job no one else wanted to do. She served her way to favor. If you only work on the days you feel like it, you would never work.
Who are you serving?

3. Favor is forged through timing. Ruth was caught in the act of serving sacrificially. Boaz took note of her service. The Bible says, "Just then..." Forge great relationships, actively serve and then look for "just then" moments!
Are you patiently waiting on the timing of God?

4. Favor is forged through making other's dreams happen. Boaz had heard of Ruth's sacrifice for her mother in law, Naomi. Doors for Ruth opened because she opened doors for Naomi. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.
Whose dreams are you trying to make happen?

5. Favor is forged through humility, obedience and thankfulness. Ruth responded thankfully to Boaz. She humbled herself and remained obedient. God could not bless many of us with great favor because our pride and insolence would make us think it is about us. We would start to hold conferences and tell everyone how we did all this. Our posture must always be of brokeness before the Lord.
How would others describe your attitude toward life? (ask your wife or husband...)

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